Ready For More?

Now that you’ve completed the first 5 steps for learning how to play the guitar, you can start working on improving your skills. There are a few key steps you can take to bring your guitar playing to the next level. All of these next steps will get you headed in the right direction and set you on a path for success with the guitar.


A great place to start is by laying out a practice routine and schedule. Having something structured is key to learning the guitar as quickly as possible. By setting aside a little bit of time every single day and organizing topics into manageable categories you can accelerate the learning curve and put yourself at a huge advantage. Nate Savage’s Guitar Progress Accelerator is a free video series that will walk you through all the steps to building your own personalized practice routine.


Strumming the guitar is one of the biggest challenges new guitarists face when they are first learning how to play guitar. Getting your strumming hand to sync up with your fretting hand can be difficult and frustrating. There are a few specific tips and tricks for getting your hands to start working as a team, and you can find these tips in The Strumming Boot Camp. It’s a completely free video series focused entirely on taking your strumming to the next level.


Learning the theory behind what you’re playing is important when it comes to playing the guitar, and the major scale is the foundation for all music. Don’t be intimidated by the word “scale”, as even the simplest chords and melodies are rooted in the major scale. Start getting to know basic guitar theory by signing up for The Major Scale Masterclass.